Frequently Asked questions

My plays are showing up as blank boxes.

What you are experiencing is a browser issue. You are using Microsoft Explorer/Edge to create your plays and you need to use Google Chrome. If you do not have Google Chrome on your computer, there is a link to get it on the Play Designer under the red text "For best results use Google Chrome."

Alternately just go here:

Once you have Chrome, go back to the play designer and open your blank play (it will show up fine once you click on it in My Plays) then you need to make a slight change to your play, like move the QB back a tiny bit, then select Save again (not update, Save) and your play will show up. Unfortunately, plays created in Explorer will sometimes not show the arrow at the end of routes even after being saved while in Chrome, and in order to fix that the routes drawn with Explorer/Edge need to be erased and redrawn in Chrome so a lot of people just redraw the entire play in Chrome because it is easier to do that than erase and redraw all the routes to get the arrows to show. If you don't mind not having an arrow at the end of the routes on those plays, then obviously that is not necessary.

Once you fix them, the blank version will still be there, but you can just click on it and select delete to keep your playbook clean. Do that with all your blank plays, then create any new plays using Google Chrome, and you will not have this issue.

I am using the Chrome browser, but my plays are still blank.

Plays must be created using the Chrome browser as well. Switching to Chrome after plays have been created using Explorer will not correct the issue.

When I try to access the plays I have created; I keep getting sent back to the account dashboard.

Most times this occurs when your subscription or trial has expired. The free trial is for two days. If your subscription or trial has ended, please go here to find the various options to subscribe:

If you are on an active subscription and you are still having trouble accessing your account, contact support by calling (719) 426-9722 or by emailing

How long is the free trial ?

The free trial lasts for two days

I signed up for a one-month subscription on the 23rd but it is the 23rd of this month and my access is gone, why is that ?

Subscriptions are based on 30 days, not calendar months. Access is immediate so the day you sign up is day one and access ends at midnight on day 30. The same rules apply to 3 months, which is 90 days, 6 months which is 180 days, etc.

 Will my old plays be erased once my subscription or trial expires ?

No. My Football Plays does not delete user plays. However, plays are stored using the email address listed for the user when you created your account. If that email address remains consistent so will your access to your plays. There is no way to merge email accounts so changing email addresses will remove access to any plays created under the old email address.

How do I find the pre-made Community Plays on the Play Designer ?

You will find the plays you have created and the Community Plays by navigating from the Play Designer. At the top of the play designer page select "Print Options", then select "Play Inserts" (Unless you want to print a coach’s sideline play sheet, then select the heading with the number of plays per sheet you want). Once you select the option you want it takes you to a page with the text "Add plays to your football wrist coach" at the top. You set up your inserts (Or Playbook page) in section 1. Page Setup is set to "Wrist Coach" which is fine (again unless you are doing Playbook pages). Wrist coach size has a default setting of "Adult" change that to "Youth" if you are creating youth-sized inserts. Then skip down near the bottom of the page where it says, "Please select your plays" The default is set to "My Plays" if you have created plays, they will be visible below this menu. If you have not, change the menu to "Community Plays" and they will show up below the menu. Then in the “Players” menu, change that from "all" to whatever format you want your plays in (5 on 5, 6 on 6, whatever). Then left click the plays you like to select them, and they show up in section two of this page. Once you have 8 plays selected (wristband inserts always hold 8 plays), save it and print.

My play names are too long and don’t fit beneath the play diagram on the insert.

Since there is not a lot of room beneath a play for a descriptive play name, the easiest way to call plays is to number them. You have two options for numbering plays. If you must have plays numbered 1-24, name the plays numbers, then check the box labelled "Display Play Names" on the insert creation page. However, if you want the plays to show up in the same order that you number them, you must select them in the correct order when you build the insert so play #6 ends up in the 6th spot, for example. That is time-consuming and difficult to do. The other option is much easier. When you create your insert, if you leave the "Display Play Names" box unchecked, the system will number them 1-8 for you. The problem with that is the system numbers all three inserts the same 1-8. However, in order to differentiate between play number 6 on insert 1 and play number 6 on insert 2, just add the insert number first when you call the play. So, if you want to call play 6 on insert 2, just call play 26.

2 for the insert number, 6 for the play number. If you want to call the 4th play on the first insert, call play number 14, etc.

This is a much easier way to handle play numbers since the system numbers them automatically and you do not have to select the plays in any order to have them come out properly. It also allows for easy play calling from the sideline. However, some people want 1-24, and if that is you, just use the first method I described.

If you want the plays to have names, select something short like Ram, Turbo, Jet, Rhino, etc.

How may plays are on a wristband insert ?

Inserts hold a maximum of eight plays. You may select less than eight plays, but the play diagrams do not get bigger if you do.

How many inserts do your wristbands hold ?

My Football Plays wristbands have three panels, each of which can hold up to eight plays, for a maximum of twenty-four plays per wristband.

My Wristband inserts are printing out too large to fit into the slot on the wristbands.

If you are using wristbands purchased from My Football Plays and this is happening there are two typical causes. Either using the Explorer/Edge browser to create and/or print the plays, or a setting on your printer.

Please use Google Chrome to create and print plays on our site. If you do not have Chrome on your computer, there is a link to get it on the play designer under the red text, "For best results use Google Chrome."

If you are getting enlarged inserts while using Chrome, it most likely is a printer setting that needs adjusting. From your print options menu choose Play Inserts then create an eight-play insert, make sure you select the size in section 1 (youth or adult whichever is appropriate), then select print now.

At the print preview click the printer icon in the upper right corner then at the next print setup page select "more settings" about midway down the left-hand menu, then check the Scale function, it may be set over 100. If it is, reduce it to 100. If it is not, use that drop-down menu to select "custom" then use the up/down arrows to adjust the scale to about 95%, depending on how much too big your printouts are. This is also the adjustment you would use to get wristband inserts to fit a wristband that is not a My Football Plays wristband.

This is also the adjustment you would use to get wristband inserts to fit a wristband that is not a My Football Plays wristband.

If your printer settings are showing 100% scale and you are using Chrome and the inserts are still printing out too large, adjusting the scale will work for now. However, that is not normal and is something we’d like to investigate so please call (719) 426-9722 or email us at to inform us of this issue.

Do playbooks come in the mail ?

No. Playbooks are .pdf downloads made available to you the instant you purchase. There is no hard copy of the playbooks.