Send in your photos or videos!

Do you have action photos or videos of your team that you are willing to share?  How about Championship photos, hoisting the trophy?  Maybe a video testimonial?

We want you to share your success stories and publish them on our site.

In exchange, we will give you ONE free month of our play designer.  

Contest Guidelines

Remember to adhere to the following rules to ensure your entry qualifies:

  1. All images must be clear and high-quality. We're looking for stunning visual content that captures the spirit of football.
  2. Photos must feature our wristbands. This is non-negotiable – we want to see our wristbands in action!
  3. Photos can be from any setting – whether it's a game, practice, or just a fun day out on the field.
  4. We welcome photos from a variety of leagues: youth, adult, military, men's, and women's. We want to see how diverse our wristbands can be!
  5. Make sure you have permission from any people pictured in your photos before you submit them.

Submission Details:

1.  Submit to (or if the files are large, send via dropbox, google drive to

2.  Include your name and email that you used to create your account.

So why wait? Grab your camera, put on your wristbands, and capture the best of football!  Offer ends in a few weeks.

Get Snapping!

We can't wait to see your submissions and hear the stories behind your photos. The contest offers a fantastic opportunity to express your creativity, share your football experiences. So, get out there, capture the heart of the game, and show us how you use your wristbands. Good luck!